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(Cleansing treatments and health analysis)
As a natural health center, we offer support and encourage the natural healing process.
The treatments provided involve enhancing and aiding the body’s normal process of moving from a state of depressed health into a state of positive well being utilizing natural means.
Ion Cleanse
An efficient way to remove toxic accumulations regardless of where they may be within the body by generating separate streams of positive and negative ions, which attract and attach themselves to opposingly charged toxic particles in the body then drawing these toxins out of the body through the feet.

45 Min / $50.00
pre-paid packages available

Ear Candling
Aromatherapy helps soothe and relieve common ear problems. Excellent for the
desert sinus sufferers and those prone to allergies

30 min / $35.00
pre-paid packages available

Anti-Cellulite Treatment
Treatment detoxifies, stimulates, aids in circulation and improves the contours of the body
60 min / $90.00

Our Services

*Ask about our personalized
detoxifying Body Wraps

Cleansing treatments and health analysis
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