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Skin Treatments

(skin treatments)

Routine facials are your best defense against aging and
blemishes. We strongly believe in a personalized
program designed to meet each individual’s skin care
needs. We will design a treatment that rejuvenates as
well as revitalizes your skin.

Each treatment includes the following:
Skin Analysis, Customized epidermal cleansing,
extractions, enzyme exfoliation, customized
enzyme/protein treatment or therapeutic mask.
Acne Facial Treatment
Designed both for teen and adult acne, this process
includes carefully selected products used along with a
soothing volcanic mud-mask followed by a probiotic and
non enzyme treatment. Filled with antioxidants and
healthy bacteria which help prevent as well as heal such
conditions as acne and rosechea.

60 min / $75.00

Micro-Dermabrasion utilizes the latest in skin care
technology to create dramatic results in your skin. The
procedure stimulates the production of your skins natural
collagen and elastin creating a smoother overall look to
your skin and a reduction in the appearance of fine
lines, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. We strongly
emphasize the importance of consistency in treatments
for maximizing desired results.
30 minutes / $90
pre-pay / $240 for 3 treatments *save $30
pre-pay / $460 for 6 treatments *save $80
Microderm Non-Surgical Facelift
This highly effective process involves a microdermabrasion
surgical scrub, a cinnamon hot peel, double masks with
a custom enzyme protein mask to follow

60 min / $100.00

Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift
For those who always want to look their very best. This
treatment includes a micro-dermabrasion surgical scrub, alpha
lipoic omega proteins, and a custom enzyme/protein treatment.
(due to the depth of this facial, a minimum of three
non-surgical face lifts are required prior to this treatment)

60 min / $125.00
pre-pay / $345.00 for 3 treatments. Save $30.00

Enzyme Facial
A refreshing treatment for effective exfoliation and skin
resurfacing which improves texture and clarity
30 min / $45.00 60 min / $65.00

Crystalline Mask
A mask made from crystals, designed to lift, tighten,
improve texture, minimize pores and even out skin tone.

60 min / $90

Ultra Lifting Crystalline Mask
This treatment is a two process procedure including an
intensified enzyme protein lifting mask and the crystalline mask

90 min / $100.00
Soothing Head to Toe Facial
This treatment is designed to deep-cleanse, exfoliate and
tone the skin. An oxygenated mask is applied to the face,
while the mask is restoring the texture and elasticity of the
skin you will experience the exfoliation benefits to your feet
and hands. This treatment leaves your skin refreshed
head to toe.
80 min / $80.00

Back Therapy Deep Cleansing
Carefully designated to exfoliate problem areas along the back
75 min / $75.00

An exclusive treatment that combines a unique lymphatic drainage massage and the application of biological products which dramatically improve your skin condition. The most relaxing and pleasurable skin treatment you will ever experience. Lymphobiology combines the lymphatic massage using the Lymphmed Device with the application integral DNA and other active ingredients found in our unique line of natural products.

Lymphobiology is recommended for the prevention and improvement of the following conditions:

  • Cellulite 
  • Acne conditions and Scarring
  • Oily or Dry Skin 
  • Sun Damage 
  • Lines & Wrinkles 
  • Tissue Dehydration 
  • Fluid Retention (edema of the face or body) 
  • Post-Surgical Bruising and Swelling

Our exclusive line of products are formulated and manufactured in laboratories in France. They are 100% natural, fragrance free, alcohol free allergy tested, and simple to use. Our products are not tested on animals. They are non-comedogenic and contain no mineral oil, lanolin or petroleum. Lymphobiology is safe, natural and healthy. For long lasting results, a series of ten 6 - 25 minute sessions is commonly recommended.
Lymphobiology Treatments

 Face & Neck




 Hips & Stomach


 Arms & Breasts


 Full Body


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